Inner Healing

Inner healing is allowing God to replace the pictures in the art gallery of your mind, removing pictures that do not have Jesus in them and replacing them with pictures that do. You picture in your mind for one moment the scene which contains the hurt. You immediately look around for Jesus, and when you see Him, you invite Him to move freely. You tune to flowing thoughts, flowing pictures and flowing emotions and record what He is saying, doing and feeling. You say “Yes, Lord” to His revelation. You make this new picture the only picture you look at in the future. You never again look at the old picture which contained the lie that Jesus was not there. Pictures with lies, destroy. Pictures of truth, heal.

A Hurt Is Healed When…

A hurt is healed when you can see the gift God has produced in your life through the experience. So as the final part of your inner healing experience, ask God to show you the gifts He has produced in your life through the experience and record them. Then, commit to every time you go back to this experience in your mind or your conversation to ALWAYS see and share the gifts God has brought into your life through the experience. NEVER AGAIN recount the experience in your heart, your mind or with your lips without majoring on this crucial part of the testimony.

Seven Prayers That Heal the Deep Wounds of the Heart

  1. Breaking generational sins and curses
  2. Severing ungodly soul ties
  3. Repent of ungodly beliefs and replace with biblical beliefs
  4. Repent of inner vows, and replace with godly purposes
  5. Inner healing
  6. Breaking off word curses
  7. Casting out demons

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