Learning to Hear Directly From God

Welcome! We invite you to come along with us as we take a journey with Christ. Jesus said, “I am the way” (John 14: 6). He is our path. We need only follow the trail he has already blazed for us and all will be well.

This site and this journal are here to help you in your journey with Christ. We are one body so together we are stronger than any of us alone. Join with us as we seek God’s wisdom and insights into the scriptures.

Each week Ivey will seek God regarding a Bible passage. As you read what she posts, hear not her voice but hear God speaking directly to you. God wants to inspire you and bless you through the words He gives Ivey.

We have provided two questions related to the verse for you to converse with the Father about. Write down the questions below the post in your notebook or on your computer and ask God to give you understanding and wisdom in response to those questions. Record what He says to you.

The third question has been reserved just for you. What question would you like to ask the Father regarding that specific scripture? Does reading the scripture or reading Ivey’s journaling raise a question in your heart? God would love to speak with you about it.

While practicing law at her North Carolina law firm, Ivey began to sense God calling her out of the legal profession and into full time ministry.  After attending a conference where God spoke to her in a dream and where she saw the Holy Spirit, it became impossible for her to continue to deny the calling on her life which had been foretold thirty years previously.  By October of 2006 she closed her law practice and took a leap of faith to enter ministry.

In June of 2006, Ivey began producing the popular daily devotional, the Word of the Day which is now read across the world.  Ivey believes that the Word of God has the power to set people free.  This belief was the inspiration for the Word of the Day.  She considers it her life’s work to mine the Bible to bring us the golden nuggets of truth, delivering them in devotionals, books and speaking engagements.

When not writing or working on her doctorate in Theology, Ivey enjoys the great outdoors where you can often find her swimming, hiking, biking, camping or kayaking.

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